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Feel free to look at my stuff and maybe critque it...

That would be cool.



These are my favs... :iconsquidwadplz:


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Home alone for the weekend, hope I don't burn the house down.
Being sick sucks fuck (also I started playing Fallout New Vegas again and it's pretty fun).
Breathe Easy by ZombiePsychologist
Breathe Easy
One person can only deal with so much shit from other people before they need to get it out of them.

Sometimes you gotta breathe it out, whenever it's just a quick sigh or a loud wheeze; you just gotta find some way to get it out of you.

But then chances are that somebody's gonna catch wind of it and then they'll get on your ass about it.

In which case you either gotta breathe easy, or just suffocate in those feelings.


Vent art abloobloobloo I hate people sometimes and I wish I didn't have to keep that suppressed.

Made this in MS Paint.

That's it really.
Denti by ZombiePsychologist
I do not own this picture nor do I claim as my own. This picture was created by Nawba/Noricom.

A request drawn by my friend of my character; Denti.

He enjoyed drawing it and I certainly adore this picture.

Denti is a monster/demon from another world, he was abandoned on Earth by his father at a very young age. Lost, scared, and bewildered by the unfamiliar world around him, he seeked shelter and solace by encountering a pack of feral cats. He quickly bonded with them and has even decorated his mask and poncho to make it more cat-like (in order to fit in with them and as a sign of respect). Denti also has a knack for discovering secrets which he sells to those who are interested in order to support himself and his feline family. His goal is to find his father and reconnect with him, other than that he's just trying to survive and (hopefully) find a family.

The reason why he was abandoned by his father was due to a prophecy made by a fortune teller the father consulted before the birth of his son. The fortune teller told the father that his son would become a scavenger, engage in illict activities, and lie with parasite infested beasts. After hearing of this undesirable omen, the father then took Denti to Earth shortly after he was born and abandoned him in order to preserve his honor (Denti's species comes from a culture where honor is considered to be incredibly sacred; and to be known as a father of a child who is a beggar is considered worse than death), little did the father know is that he had fulfilled the fortune teller's prophet as well as Denti's future.

If you have further questions about Denti, then feel free to ask me. In fact I encourage it cuz it'll probably help me develop this character even more!
Listen to Around The World by The Death Set at 1.25x speed. :ayylmao:  
What do you want to see me draw?

Like are there any themes you want me to explore? Any characters of mine you'd wanna see again? More of those little animated icons I've been making? etc.?

Feel free let me know. I'm always looking for input.


Call me Zombie or Deadman.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

I'm just some guy

that's 19

who does art

and stuff


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